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Many of us within this profession suffer with feelings of self-doubt and a lack of confidence (who doesn't? ) which leaves no room for professional growth.

We have chosen to enter this profession because we have a drive to work hard and a passion for the welfare of animals. That's why we're here right? Because of this, there is the real potential for burnout, compassion fatigue and poor mental health, particularly if we do not have a support network around us to help navigate this challenging career.



Your initial day to day experiences will shape who you are as a veterinary surgeon. They will help form your motivations, ambitions and also your outlook of the profession as a whole.  If you feel undervalued or unsupported at work, and experience a lot of negativity, this will reflect in your work (your clinical skills, working relationships, patient care), your self-confidence and your well-being.


This is why structured support from someone who 'has been there' in the form of mentoring is vital. 


What is Mentorship?


Mentorship isn’t handholding. 


It’s about supporting that transition from student to clinician; bridging the gap between theory and practice. It’s about supporting and encouraging you through challenging times. Being there for you, providing advice, harnessing the knowledge you already have.  It’s equipping you with the confidence and strategies to help you move forward in your career. 

Over the last 7 years I have provided support for vets, clinically and non-clinically. Watching them grow professionally is what inspired my mentoring programme, 'Your Vet Coach'. 


precious moments


Your Vet Coach is aimed at veterinary students in their clinical years preparing for exams or clinical rotations, new and recent graduates transitioning from student to practitioner, or those returning from a career break who just feel a little rusty!


The aim is to bridge the gap between theory and practice by challenging and supporting you to systematically work through real-life veterinary clinical scenarios via a 12 Week Clinical Case Programme

Your Vet Coach is also available on an individual basis with a 1:1 Mentoring Programme.

This is tailored to you specifically.

You may want strategies to improve your time management or your communication skills, advice on how to navigate challenging situations in the workplace, advice on diversifying or to discuss other career opportunities. You may just want a friendly ear from someone who 'has been there'. 

The 12 Week Clinical Case Programme!


Knowing the exhaustive list of clinical signs or potential diagnostic tests for a certain disease is only useful if you can recognise that disease when it is presented in front of you.

  • What about when that condition doesn't present in that 'textbook' way? 

  • What if that condition presents in the same way as 10 others?

  • How do you decide which test to choose?

  • How do you justify that test to an owner if you’re spending their money?

  • What if a client has limited funds?

Knowing how to you navigate your way through these scenarios in General Practice is important for your patients, your progression as well as your productivity. But its hard to know where to go with cases when you haven’t seen that presentation before, and it's worse if you don’t feel like you’ve got anybody  to support you working through the process.

With Your Vet Coach 12 Week Clinical Case Programmes,  you will be encouraged to systematically work through common clinical presentations that you will encounter in first opinion General Practice.

Case work-up might include interpreting blood results or other in-house diagnostics.

Emphasis will be on the approach and workup of these common presentations rather than reaching the correct diagnosis.

You will focus on forming accurate problem lists, differential diagnoses and appropriate diagnostic decision making.

You will be taught the difference between pattern recognition and problem solving and how to use both of theses modalities in practice.

The first 12 week Programme is ready for you to download now!

Please read the testimonials to see how these cases have helped others like you and sign up today.

Make sure you subscribe to be notified when the next programme is launched. 


Your Vet Coach -12 Week Clinical Case Programme:

  • You will review your consultation techniques and consider how it impacts patient care, client relationships and practice revenue.

  • You will work through clinical cases including The Vomiting Retriever, The Lethargic Labrador, The Vomiting Cat, The Stranguric Cat, The Puppy with Diarrhoea. The Snotty Cat, The PUPD Dog, The Dog with Abdominal Pain, The Cat with Weight loss, and The Dog with Weight Loss.

  • There is also a section on interpreting some bloodwork!


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1:1 Mentoring Programme

Your Vet Coach - 1:1 Mentoring:

  • Provide a listening ear from someone who has 'been there'.

  • Prepare you for the professional challenges Veterinary Surgeons face on a daily basis including difficult clients, challenging cases and complaints.

  • Provide a sounding board, free of judgement.

  • Direct you to support networks.

  • Instil confidence and honest, structured feedback.

  • Share my experiences and offer professional advice.

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£85/ Month

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