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'Louisa has been patient, detailed and extremely helpful in making me think like a clinician rather than student. She has a huge bubbly personality that no matter what kind of day you have had , you look forward to hearing from her. She always takes time out of her day, is always on hand to offer advice and is everyones biggest supporter, no matter where they are in their career'

Rebecca O'brien - Vet student

'Louisa actively encourages us to think like clinicians. Her passion for educating the next generation of vets its extremely inspiring. She is so engaging and interactive and has been a huge help with my exams.'

Rebecca O'Brien - Vet student

'Louisa instills confidence that makes me feel I can handle more than I think, by teaching me how to approach clinical cases logically. I don't feel the panic to get the 'right' answer , rather I now feel more prepared with the process'.

Rebecca O'brien - Vet student

I was lucky enough to work with Louisa for a few months. She was amazing and so supportive - she's a brilliant vet and a fantastic teacher'.

Lucie Mckenzie,Veterinary Surgeon

I loved the fact that I have seen real clinical cases and treatments for each of those. I loved having Louisa as a mentor, to have the possibility to learn from a loving and caring doctor is amazing and precious.

Federica Cardinale, Veterinary Surgeon

I'm writing this email to you because I would like to thank you for your mentorship programme. It has been amazing and SUPER helpful. Our discussions have been great to critically improve my medical point of view, my knowledge and working on clinical cases lets me feel for the first time like the vet in charge.

Federica Cardinale, Veterinary Surgeon

I was fortunate enough to meet Louisa whilst locuming int he UK in 2017. As a second year graduate vet I was still developing my skills and often had so many questions on difficult cases. When these scenarios came along and felt I needed help, Louisa was always there with her caring and approachable manner to offer advice and guidance. I relished her involvement in cases and learnt so much from her. Her passion for animals and all things veterinary and her willingness to teach inspired me, so much that I am pursuing an emergency internship.

Adriana D'Agostino, Veterinary Sur

I can't recommend Louisa's programmes enough - all her cases are interesting and make me push myself and my knowledge which will be great as revision for finals. Chatting to her and the other mentees and hearing they approach to cases has been fabulous and Louisa is beyond wonderful as a coach and mentor.

Hannah FIitz - Vet  Student

I am a student and I was in search of a mentor who helps me build critical thoughts while approaching real clinical cases and who helps me to manage the relationship with the owner even in the worst conditions. I found it in Louisa and in her supportive programmes. I have enjoyed being a part of it, I am learning and consolidating my knowledge every time we do clinical cases together. I highly recommend it.

Fatima, Vet Student

The 12 week Vet Coach programme was definitely something I’m glad I signed up to. As a new grad, it was a great way to review veterinary knowledge and develop a step by step clinical approach to cases. Louisa is always encouraging and a really good teacher with a clear drive for mentoring and for veterinary medicine. She encourages you to think for yourself but will also explain and help along the way when needed. It’s also been a great way to meet other vets on the course as well as a way to develop confidence as a vet. I will miss those weekly case discussions!


Ellen McKay, Veterinary Surgeon

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