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12 Week Programme
  • In this booklet you will review your consultation techniques and consider how it impacts patient care, client relationships and practice revenue.
  • You will be encouraged to systemically work through common clinical presentations encountered in first opinion general practice
  • Cases include - The Vomiting Retriever, The Lethargic Labrador, The Vomiting Cat, The Stranguric Cat, The Diarrhoea Puppy. The Snotty Cat, The PUPD Dog, The Dog with Abdominal Pain, The Cat with Weight loss, The Dog with Weight Loss  and Interpreting Bloods!
  • Case work-up might include interpreting blood results or other in-house diagnostics.
  • Emphasis will be on the approach and workup of these common presentations rather than reaching the correct diagnosis.
  • You will focus on forming accurate problem lists, differential diagnoses and appropriate diagnostic decision making.

12 Week Programme

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